Wheelchair Taxi Service

At Modesto Taxi, the mobility of our customers is a high priority. We provide wheelchair taxi service in Modesto, CA and surrounding areas. With our service, our customers’ satisfaction and convenience is our number one priority.

If you need a wheelchair accessible taxi for leisure trips, doctor visits, or everyday errands, we will provide it at an affordable rate. Contact us today to prearrange your ride and get a quote.

Our experienced drivers are trained and licensed in providing quality service to customers with disabilities and special needs. Any customer can request a wheelchair-accessible taxi if needed. You can trust our skilled drivers certified in safe driving. They know how to assist people with any disability, as they are trained to help you enter and exit the taxi cab.

Our special wheelchair-accessible taxis are modified vehicles designed to accommodate people using wheelchairs. Such select vehicles can comfortably accommodate 1 to 3 wheelchairs. The taxi cabs provide 4 points to fix the chairs securely. And the wheelchair-accessible cabs are equipped with lowered-floor entry access. This allows disabled non-transferable passengers to ride without the need to transfer out of their chair.

Our company’s mission is built on top quality customer service, safety, and care. We strive to ensure that our disabled passengers enjoy a secure, safe, and comfortable ride. Our wheelchair accessible cabs provide a full range of services and our professional drivers will help you get safely to your destination.

Modesto Taxi’s wheelchair service can:

  • Give you a ride to and from medical and rehabilitation facilities
  • Provide day and night wheelchair taxi service on appointment
  • On request, provide room to room transportation services for medical appointments.
  • Provide specialized services and airport wheelchair taxi rides, including help with heavy luggage transporting to and from the airport.
  • Provide chaperone service to and from their destination
  • Provide wedding taxi service
  • Provide business taxi service
  • Provide evening taxi service
  • Provide taxi service for shopping trips

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide a wide range of services. Ensuring your safety, comfort, and mobility is our business. We offer our disabled customers a fleet of vehicles ranging from taxi cabs to minivans for multiple wheelchairs. Our vehicles are equipped with features that provide reliability and convenience in taking passengers with disabilities to various destinations within the Modesto city area, as well as to the airport and long-distance rides.

Whether you need to go on a trip, attend a medical appointment, have a ride to or from rehabilitation facilities, our wheelchair taxi services offer effective and affordable solutions.

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